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About us

The company came into being once the founders realized that countless school going children are prone to various diseases and developmental disabilities due to the use of substandard lunch boxes and water bottles. With little or no awareness in our society regarding Virgin plastic and food graded plastic, this was an issue which needed to be highlighted and something had to be done. 

So, with the sole intent to spread awareness and promote safe products for the children and youth of the nation, through vigorous research and days and days of hard work we were able to identify Thai and Indonesian companies, which produced A grade safe products. 

We are delivering high quality virgin and food graded plastic with latest characters, vibrant colors and a vast range of products. Not only are the products attractive to look at but also serve the purpose of being safe as these products are BPA free and environmentally friendly. Backed by professional sales and marketing team, with a commitment to deliver the best.

We are dealing in a variety of products which include:

  • School Lunch boxes & Water Bottles
  • Storage Drawers
  • School Sets
  • Household Products
  • Mugs, Thumblers & Tin Coins
  • School Bags
  • Sport Bottles
  • Baby Products
  • Toys & Gifts
  • Stainless steel Lunch Boxes & bottles
  • Stationary
  • Uniform Blazers

We are one of the leading distributors of the aforementioned products and is present in all the major relevant stores in Pakistan.